Our Roadmap

Our work makes the vision of individualized health care a reality. By providing access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables & connected medical products, Thryve can improve adherence, effect and outcome measurability. To this end, we continuously expand our connections to sensors and health data providers - ensuring that Thryve offers the best health insights, any time.

Create something great with us

With our work, we improve the lives of millions of people

Imagine, that you don’t need
to wait at a doctors oice
for your certificate of incapacity to work.

Imagine, that food is tailored
to provide exactly those nutrients
your body needs.

Imagine, that medication
is at your door the moment
you start feeling ill.

Open positions

We grow – and welcome creative heads,
who design soware, scan unstructured data,
test prediction models, validate medical detection and
create the future of health care with us.