Technology drives a revolution

Everyday smartphones, wearables & connected
medical devices create an unprecedented wealth of
health-related data – enabling a new era of health care.


Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer

Medical Doctor & Expert for holistic medicine
"Modern care has to treat each patient as an individual, with full attention to his personal circumstances. This is a key prerequisite to successful diagnoses and treatments of increasingly complex disease patterns.
With it's access to objective health data, Thryve enables a better, holistic impression of a patient's health - a decisive improvement!"

Understanding data is key


Does the therapy yield
the desired effects?


Which external factors
interfere with adherence
and outcome?


What parameters of
health improve individually
over time?

Healthcare changes

Sensors' data provides individual insights and enables self-responsible care, based on prediction and prevention - leaving doctors and hospitals to focus on real care instead of routine checks and paperwork.

Who will win?

Insurers focusing on prevention and healthy lifestyles

Digital services that improve adherence and reduce costly on-premise care.

Digital drugs (DTx) with improved long-term results, compared to standard medication.