One API for Millions of data

Thryve’s data hub delivers personal health data easily and securely to your system, giving you a holistic understanding of your customers' health.

      Connect now with the future

      Effortless individualization of health care

      Utilize health data to tailor treatment to your customers and patients for greater therapeutic outcomes.

      Objective long-term insights on outcome and adherence

      Get a long-term perspective on the health status of your consumers to assess the objective effectiveness of your therapy.

      Improving your care provision and effect

      Uncover underlying patterns. Predict your users progress trajectory. Lead health-care with proactive service provisioning.

      Simple access to harmonized data

      Leverage a comprehensive set of health and lifestyle parameters.

      Empowering your care

      Thryve’s data hub integrates more than 350 wearables and common health sources. Utilizing big data mined biomarkers and scientifically proven health assessments, Thryve improves care with meaningful health data.

      Cutting Edge Technology

      24/7 immediate information

      1hr SDK integration

      all data harmonized to a single format

      What the experts say

      Maximilian Michels

      CEO Caspar Health

      “We are very happy with Thryve’s instant access to an incredible wealth of data."

      Christoph Klärner

      CTO Humanoo

      "We’re happy that Thryve solves the pain of wearable integration."

      Min-Sung Sean Kim

      Digital Health Investor

      "Thryve's digital biomarkers are essential to create a truly individualized and value-based health care."


      Working with health-related data requires highest standards. Thryve has you covered with 1st class data protection and security.

      • ISO27001 certified, Tier-3 housing within the EU
      • GDPR & HIPAA compliant
      • Extensive security layers & industry-standard encryption
      • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant