Connect to your users’ personal health data

Digital health services, insurers, and care providers all over Europe use Thryve’s wearable API to raise interaction and therapy results with a simple access to users’ continuous health data.

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Access patient data from 500+ wearable devices and health apps through one integration

Thryve’s SDK brings everything you need to access fragmented wearable, medical devices, and health data silos with a single integration. We unify your users’ data from smartwatches, blood glucose meters, and many other sources to unlock a continuous stream of harmonized real-time health information for your digital healthcare app. Our health API supports a wide range of popular data sources like APPLE HEALTH, Google Fit, Huawei Health, SAMSUNG HEALTH, WITHINGS, and many more.

How Thryve helps to lower friction and measure therapy success with patient monitoring for the leading adiposity care DiGA.

Aidhere Case Study

How Thryve’s wearable API enables 10.8M insurees to bring their own device for seamless digital prevention and bonification.

Die Techniker Case Study

How Thryve’s fitness API helped Europe’s leading digital rehabilitation service to increase patient adherence by 18%.

Caspar Case Study

Understand underlying health 
statuses to mitigate risks and individualize therapy

We enrich your users’ health data with scientifically-proven analytics that unlock a better understanding of your users’ individual health. Thryve’s interpretation layer uses machine learning to identify characteristic behavior changes and to calculate risks for specific diseases – enabling you to provide better, more individualized therapies, improve the health of your users and to build cutting-edge digital health technology.

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Integrate our GDPR-compliant data stream into your existing workflows and apps

Thryve’s SDK is designed for developers and supports all native and cross-plattform stacks – all with privacy at heart and proven security. Connecting devices just takes a few clicks and clean and structured health data flows directly into your existing systems.

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