The next generation of Healthcare is powered by data

We believe in a future, where healthcare proactively maintains peoples’ wellbeing rather than just reacting to symptoms. Decisions on prevention and treatments are powered by continuous health data, suit-tailored to individuals’ needs. With Thryve, we actively shape this future every day.

Our work makes the vision of individualized health care a reality

Our work makes the vision of individualized health care a reality

Thryve connects healthcare organizations with people’s data and provides actionable insights on individuals’ health status. By providing access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables & connected medical products, Thryve helps to improve adherence, effect, and outcome measurability of therapies. We continuously expand our connections to sensors and health data providers – ensuring that Thryve offers the best health insights, any time.

We are an international team, with a focus on data science and technology

Being open-minded is the essence of our company. With us, arguments win over age or title, processes adapt for best results and our team’s 10+ nationalities work with customers around the globe in more than a dozen different languages.

Create something great with us

Imagine a world, where you don’t need to go to a doctor’s office for the diagnosis of potential diseases.

Imagine a world, where food is tailored to provide exactly those nutrients your body needs.

Imagine a world, where targeted prevention efforts mitigate your individual risk for chronic diseases.

We are looking for exceptional minds to drive healthcare’s change into a digital future

We grow – and welcome creative heads, who design software, scan unstructured data, test prediction models, validate medical detection, and create the future of health care with us. Check our job offerings to find out if we match.