The next generation of Healthcare is powered by data

We believe in a future, where healthcare proactively maintains peoples’ wellbeing rather than just reacting to symptoms. Decisions on prevention and treatments are powered by continuous health data, suit-tailored to individuals’ needs. With Thryve, we actively shape this future every day.

Our work makes the vision of individualized health care a reality

Thryve connects healthcare organizations with people’s data and provides actionable insights on individuals’ health status. By providing access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables & connected medical products, Thryve helps to improve adherence, effect, and outcome measurability of therapies. We continuously expand our connections to sensors and health data providers – ensuring that Thryve offers the best health insights, at any time.

We are an international team, with a focus on data science and technology

Being open-minded is the essence of our company. With us, arguments win over age or title, processes adapt for best results and our team’s 10+ nationalities work with customers around the globe in more than a dozen different languages.

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