The essence: health sensor integration

08/05/2023 – Written by ThryveThryve in Blogpost – 3 mins read

Week by week, we talk to hundreds of digital health services, that are about to supercharge their service with wearable and consumer health sensor data. All calls boil down to a single theme – how can I get my health data integration right from day 1?

Yes it’s strategic

Choosing the right way to integrate sensor data is always a strategic decision – the data provided will be deeply integrated into the mechanics of your health service, unlocking new determinants of care, driving user interaction and engagement, as well as prove and improve your service’ outcomes. It’s due to this very profound character of health data integration, that within our conversations, there’s a common set of topics that are always revisited. It’s six questions, that will ultimately guide the decision of each service on how to move ahead with their sensor integration:


    • 👉️ What’s the best way leveraging biomarker’s added value?
    • 👉️ Which data and sources to use?
    • 👉️ How can I ensure compliance in integration?
    • 👉️ What privacy & security rules apply?
    • 👉️ How reliable and secure is data access?
    • 👉️ What’s the best way setting this up?


We’re compiling our knowledge and will release it in a series of posts, making it easy for you to create a suit-tailored health sensor data integration roadmap.


Trust those who’ve been there & done that

One thing that we not cover in those areas, is the question “buy vs. build” – and there’s a clear reason to that. We’ve set up dozens of integrations in one unified engine, created 10.000s of mappings to ensure valid data, created a calculation layer to level patchy data – and work tirelessly to (dis-)cover manufacturer’s API glitches and maintain our unified data stream as the API landscape evolves with new integrations and data types available (not mentioning proactive information for any vendor hiccup). Trust us, this is something you don’t want to do on your own.

How adiposity therapy aidhere leverages wearable data for it’s certified DiGa
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Take advantage of condensed information

To help create a comprehensive perspective on the do’s and don’ts and create a shortcut to your right move ahead, we compiled a set of topics worth considering on your journey.

Disclaimer: it’s based on nothing more than our experience – but as we’re working with research & hospitals, insurers, digital therapeutics and government agencies around the globe in the heavily regulated area of health, we feel there might be some relevance to it.


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