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Insurers use Thryve to strengthen the relationship with their members and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles. Thryve enables them to leverage consumer health information for personalized and more effective prevention and bonification.

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Incentivize healthy behaviour based on your users’ health information

We help you to encourage your members to live an active and healthy lifestyle, that mitigates risks for non-communicable diseases. Integrate activity data from smartphones and wearables into your bonus programs and apps to create incentives and increase engagement.

Techniker Krankenkasse strenghtens it’s relationship with it’s 10.8 million members by using Thryve
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Manage your users’ care proactively based on individual health risks

We help you to start truly proactive prevention programs based on continuous health data. Support your members struggling with depression, diabetes, or loneliness and proactively support them based on health data provided by Thryve’s interpretation engine.

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Thryve is Europe's leading provider for accessing continuous health data

500+ data sources with one integration

Thryve’s powerful SDK integrates all your users’ wearables, medical devices and health data silos directly into your apps.

Enriched data to understand individuals’ health status

Thryve’s interpretation algorithms help you to understand your users’ overall health status and to identify and act on potential health risks.

GDPR-compliant infrastructure processing billions of data

Thryve’s technology is designed with data privacy and security at heart. We process billions of data points for healthcare providers all over Europe.

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