Integrate Withings API and 30+ other data sources into your app

Thryve’s wearable API is used by app developers to access user data like activity, fitness, and heart rate information from Withings and many other data sources like Apple Health or Fitbit. Thryve’s SDK integrates directly into your iOS & Android apps allowing users to share their health information with you in seconds!

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Apps using Thryve for Withings API integration

Access data from 500+ wearables including all Withings devices with Thryve's API

Monitor your users’ health by integrating Withings scales, smartwatches like the Steel HR, and blood pressure monitors into your health and fitness apps. Thryve’s technology supports the Withings API as well as 500+ more devices and data sources including platforms like Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, or Samsung Health. Integrating the Thryve SDK means your users can share all their health data directly within you digital health app.

Learn how to integrate Thryve's SDK for wearable health data

We make safe and reliable health data integration a breeze

Thryve’s technology is designed for developers and supports all native and cross-platform stacks. It allows you to integrate data from 500+ wearable devices with just one SDK, reducing device integration time and cost significantly. The technology is GDPR and HIPAA compliant allowing you to integrate smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other data sources safely into your medical products and apps.

Thryve is Europe's leading provider for accessing continuous health data

500+ devices with one integration

Thryve’s powerful SDK integrates all your users’ wearables, medical devices and health data silos directly into your apps.

Enriched data to understand individuals’ health status

Thryve’s interpretation algorithms help you to understand your users’ overall health status and to identify and act on potential health risks.

GDPR-compliant infrastructure processing billions of data

Thryve’s technology is designed with data privacy and security at heart. We process billions of data points for healthcare providers all over Europe.