Real-world data access for better health outcomes

The rapid transition towards digital, patient-centric healthcare requires a whole new flood of data on individuals’ health, diseases, and treatment effects. We provide access to comprehensive, real-world data that is key in building future-proof services.

Uncovering the invisible patterns and determinants

Traditional methods of health monitoring in doctors’ offices and clinics miss more than 90% of the data needed to understand treatment effects. Getting the data needed by manual interaction with patients is downright impossible. Continuous, passive data from wearables, medical sensors, and health data silos allows care providers and researchers to gain 24/7 transparency on individuals’ health.

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“The introduction of advanced RWE analytics could help identify new targets for molecules, accelerate time to market, improve payer negotiations, and generate stronger evidence.”

McKinsey Partners David Champagne, Alex Davidson, David Saunders and Lucy Pérez on “Creating value from next-generation real-world evidence”




Wearables have become mainstream

More than 1 in 2 consumers track their health with digital tools, and about 43% own a wearable, according to a report from ROCK HEALTH. Wearables have become the standard for consumers to actively measure and manage health. Consumers more than ever expect technology to be part of their healthcare experience and are willing to share their data with doctors (72%) and researchers (35%)